Contract To Reliable Java & SOA Hands-On Architect Who Delivers

I Will Design Your System And Implement It, Too

I have years of hands-on experience, and still do coding today. I can code what I designed.

I'm not a paper architect.

I Will Stay With Your Project Until It's Done

It happen to me to receive more lucrative offers while in commitment with a client. Invariably, I've declined them.

You can rely on me.

I Deliver, And Deliver Fast

I deliver quality, and do it fast.

I know the tools, and processes, and best practices and whatnot. I know my trade.

I'm A Team Player

I respect people. I talk to business and to techies, to Dev teams, to QA and Operations without taking sides. I focus on client's results, and not on my ego.

Contracting Terms I Offer


6+ months 8 hours/day.

Hourly or weekly billing.


Small projects with fixed scope.

Typically delivered remotely and afterhours.


Critical issues that need immediate resolution.

Subject to availability, no promises.

I strongly prefer contracts where WFH or remote work is OK. Eliminating 2 hours a day commute means client gets better quality work and I get more time with my family.

Not convinced? Read Justin Jackson's post or 37signals' book.

What My Clients Say

Thank you for the work ... it's been very well executed with good communication and good progress. Jeremy S., PM

You deliver! Julie C., PM

Want To See My Code First?

Sure! Take a look at examples of public and/or open-source projects I did.

Generic Parallel Service For Oracle OSB

GenericParallel is a Proxy Service that takes a list of requests, executes them in a parallel manner with configurable concurrency and error handling strategy, and gives you back a list of responses.

Go to site

Alternative Build System For Oracle OSB

Compile the OSB code, add ACLs, alerts, workmanagers, throttling, configure the endpoints - all in one pass.

No more manual post-deployment work. No more human errors.

URL coming soon. Interested? Email me.

Unit Test & Troubleshooting Framework For Oracle OSB

Run unit tests on OSB domain without touching any backend services. Do not pollute your business code with test one.

Run isolated tests in production environments without risk of calling backends.

URL coming soon. Interested? Email me.

Online XQuery Profiler

Analyze, profile and tune XQueries online and for free.

Go to site (BETA)

TestDirector To JIRA Bridge

Like JIRA, but QAs use TD? No problem, sync issues between TD and JIRA (two way!)

Beware: the project is largely DIY

Go to SF repository

Recover Weblogic Password
Online WLS Password Recovery Service

Forgot the admin password to one of your domains? Don't panic. You can decrypt it still.

Go to Recover Weblogic Password site. (Doesn't work in IE currently)

Go to Bitbucket repository

Templates-based C++ Unit Test Framework

Simple and portable pure-C++ (no macros) unit test framework for C++


Automatic OSB Stats Collection

Collect OSB stats in automatic mode and export them as XML or CSV

Go to site

Kinds Of Work I Do

Offshore/Onshore Team Oversight & Mentoring

Having a team without a strong technical leadership will result in quality issues, delays and unnecessary expenses.

Offshore teams in particular tend to cut corners if left without clear directions.

I can provide a technical guidance to the team and peace of mind to you.

Unstable Applications Firefighting

Application's issues harm your bottom line.

Eliminating the most annoying defects would immediately improve users' productivity and reduce the expenses on support.

I can do the investigating, locate the issues and fix them in shortest time possible.

Legacy Applications Enhancements

Older application may become not fully adequate to the new business requirements.

Updating the existing application instead of getting a new one protects the investments. It has fewer risks. And it won't break the bank.

I can plan, design and implement the required enhancements.

Performance Improvements

Slow application may cause real financial losses.

Web users may leave without making a purchase. Internal business processes may slow down.

I can analyse the causes of the performance problems and suggest the ways to correct them.

Integration With Other Systems

Applications working together produce an effect far greater than each one of them separately.

Older applications though not always designed to interact.

I can design and implement integration points for older applications.

Ongoing Applications Maintenance

Even the best mechanisms need oiling. Even the best applications need periodic checkup.

Logs should be inspected, disk space should be reserved, minor bugs should be fixed.

I can perform periodic applications' check-ups and take the correcting actions.

Designing New Applications

Sometimes you just must get a new application.

Writing it from a scratch is a risky and a very expensive path. It takes a skill and experience to navigate it to success.

I'm employing a process that guarantees that the clients will get what they want, within the budget and on time.

Going SOA

As business grows, it is critical to untangle the applications from each other, allowing for independent development schedule.

The accepted way is to implement SOA. The practical steps though require a deep subject matter understanding.

I can help to plan the SOA initiative and suggest the best practices.

Not Sure If I Do X?

Being 20 years in IT, chances are I do.

Just send me a email with your questions, and I'll get back to you ASAP.


About Me
Vladimir Dyuzhev, J2EE Consultant

Photo by Gilbert Chan, Zodiac Photography

I'm an expert Java/J2EE/SOA consultant helping diverse businesses to make or save money for almost 20 years.

I had worked for clients in multiple industries, including banking, telecom, energy and health-care. Here's my resume.

I'm an experienced mentor for more junior developers and a skillful hands-on coder myself.

As you may have expected, I'm a certified J2EE developer and architect.

I'm located in Toronto, ON, Canada.

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